Memory, Allegory, and Atonement

Act I: Memory

I began this body of work wanting to express my feelings of rejection and loss. I traced these feelings all the way back to my childhood, and I felt the need to relive moments that I held on to. The memories that I strove to recapture eluded me just as family photos and personal artifacts seemed lost forever in black bottomed boxes. While searching out memories, forgotten ones surfaced. These bright colored memories revealed to me the beginning of my identity even when I could no longer fully recall them.

Act II: Allegory

In translating the feelings and experiences of my young adulthood to images, I could only present my world in the way I experience it — romanticized and full of fantasy.

Act III: Atonement

In this act, I wanted to express the isolation and inner world of my current struggles. I wonder where I am headed, what my adulthood will be. Can I convince my younger self to not take the path I took? Ultimately, all I can do is wait and hope.


This body of work was created for my solo exhibition at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in November 2011.